what is mobile device management (mdm)?

what is mobile device management (mdm)?

The business landscape has shifted dramatically because of the use of mobile devices. Employees are using their mobile devices in the workplaces that have secure networks, which brings about work flexibility in accomplishing some tasks with low costs of equipment.

The trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has brought about a new aspect of connectivity, privacy, security, and information management because of the number and types of mobile devices running on different operating systems, being introduced at the workspace from time to time. mobile device management


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    can be defined as a solution to manage, secure, monitor and control mobile devices such as Android phones and tablets. It is basically a mobile security software used by organizations to track all Android devices used by their mobile workforce.

    An MDM solution helps enterprises:
    2. Enhance workforce productivity by real time location tracking.
    3. Secure corporate data with remote lock & wipe, if device is lost or stolen.
    4. Increase device health and life by monitoring
    5. Save time and operational costs by troubleshooting issues remotely.
    6. Restrict unauthorized use of apps and mobile data.

  • This is exactly what I’m looking for, thanks a ton! What do you suggest for Android devices? And how should we go about implementing this to those who have already been using their personal accounts for the past several years? Also tell my the best android application development company?

  • Great insight. What I believe before coming to the final point there is always a better way to test the thing with Apple Product Mockup and see how it's going.

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